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Life can be disorienting while navigating the swift changes of modern day living, especially for those more affected by the ever subtle energies swirling about. In times of uncertainty, clarity about where you’re standing and where you want to go is essential to feel more assured in your steps toward success — and a bird’s eye view may be all you need to gain perspective and trust your footing. 


We often hear people say you need to find your path, but what does that mean? If you’re not on your path, where are you? The good news is, you’re not lost! You are always on your path no matter where you are in life, and you need only to decide whether you like or dislike the road you’re on. From there, you have choices — and we can explore those choices together.

Instead of trying to find your path, I suggest we clear your path of common obstacles like inaccurate beliefs of who you are, your abilities and strengths, or other conclusions we often form as kids that can lead to feelings of doing life “wrong.”

When you clear your path, the source of these feelings and beliefs become more transparent, making the obstacles more easily dissolved. This clearing frees up space for you to see who you are to remember who you were before life convinced you of who you should be.

With this higher perspective, you can return to your path with a newfound sense of authenticity and trust, not only in your chosen direction, but in your ability to navigate when future obstacles may pop up in your continued journey. 

We each have a unique way of weaving a new existence, and much like healing, this process is never done by following a straight line. We start from where you are today, redefining and reshaping your purpose to best get you where you want to go, in the most joyful way — your way. 

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No matter if you’re just starting to make a new path or already heading down it, let’s find your life purpose together and build it from a spiritual place. Let’s connect to your soul, your being.

We can lay the groundwork or explore more to reach the point of discovery, then make a plan. You share the vision, the goals, I help you get there. Feel, be who your soul wants you to be – who you want to be.

Let’s get started with a free 45-minute phone consultation.

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Strengthen your certainty and produce peace in your life with one-on-one coaching. Together, we will focus on your personal goals to strategize the best path forward.

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Discover the practice of mindfulness or your own spiritual landscape at my workshops, where we will explore the ways we relate to ourselves and the natural world around us.

Hear Your Soul Again

Are you a former client who needs a quick refresher on life, work, or relationship strategies? Let’s get back in alignment so you can hear your soul again and keep moving forward.

Sharing a conversation with Marney Andes around transitions, self-compassion, finding meaning in ‘being,’ and awakening to this beautiful life.

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving within you, a joy.

– Rumi