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We spend a lot of time in life moving from one thought or action to the next, spurred by jobs, relationships, and major- and mini-life happenings. Sometimes we know the purpose of these changes because they’re infused with our intent or goals, but other times it can be as if we simply go through the motions because we think we must, or life swings us into an unexpected direction, and we don’t know how to respond

With each transition, we can grow, learn, and choose whether these life events will bring us closer to a clearer and more meaningful life — or further away. Even if these changes are positive events, they can be challenging because of the uncertainty that tags along with such large shifts in our reality. The tougher pivots can be overwhelming, making us question if we want to go forward.  

A significant part of the coaching I offer centers around understanding who we are at our core and learning how to listen to our internal compass — our inner wisdom, our soul. With each feeling of being lost or “off path” comes a new opportunity for curiosity + self-discovery. Not only must we learn to listen to our own guidance — we must also practice trusting it. 

Whether the transitions you are experiencing are with ‘what you do’ or ‘who you want to be,’ spirituality offers a deeper path and way of living and experiencing. This isn’t about religion or belief systems, per se — it’s about how you connect to yourself, your soul, and bring more consciousness and awareness into the days of your life. It’s comfortably shedding the ‘shoulds’ so you can experience life as your truest and most whole self — being who you want to be.

Whether you are a corporate executive seeking ways to bring more humanity into your workplace, an advocate focusing on social change, or simply someone who wants to be in greater relationship with yourself and your felt sense — this work is for everyone. When we all do the work to show up in our truest and best form, we inspire others to dive into their work to steer themselves toward their own definition of contentment and wholeness — and that is how we transform the world.

The goal of our partnership is to help you root yourself in your power. * I do this by listening, asking deeper questions, and using techniques that deepen your understanding and release what is no longer serving you, all while gently guiding you without telling you what to do. Each session will build upon the previous one to help identify and clear what is blocking your path, bringing you into a greater sense of self-trust so you can light the way in this world. It’s all waiting to be discovered.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Strengthen your certainty about your path ahead and get the pebbles out of your shoes to move through any transition with one-on-one coaching. Together, we’ll focus on your goals to strategize the best way forward.

Deep Transformational Coaching

“Why am I here? What is truly important to me? What is my life purpose or mission?” If you find yourself deeply questioning your purpose and approach to life, let’s start here and see what is waiting to be discovered.

Spiritual Sparks
Light Your Way

If you’re not quite ready for coaching but want to learn ways to bring more awareness + spirituality onto your path, check out my blog on Substack, Spiritual Sparks | Light Your Way.

* Note: “Power” here bears no negative connotations of control. Rather, it captures the very essence of your individuality, while expressing yourself with unwavering sureness. Consider it your mightiness if you will.

“One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times. The light of the soul throws sparks, can send up flares, builds signal fires, causes proper matters to catch fire.”

– Clarissa Pinkola Estes