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With Lisa’s patient and insightful presence, listening, and questions, I was able to find and follow new paths that lead directly (and sometimes indirectly) to my inner knowing and divine purpose. Lisa’s ability to pull the right threads at the right times allowed me to push deeper into my consciousness and several of her observations over the course of our conversations continue to guide me on a daily basis. I am eternally grateful to Lisa for her gentle prodding, openness, and partnership. Together, we found my truth, shed my past, and created space for a future that now includes not only standing strongly in my own power but empowering others by example through a book, a brand, and an ethos of endless possibility. Not only can I now share my light with the world, more importantly, I now see, recognize, and feel it inside of myself.

From my very first conversation with Lisa, I knew there was an unwavering connection. I was set to turn 40 and questioning what this life was really about, beginning to think differently about time, money, my current relationships, and the meaning of life. We came to the realization that these feelings were the beginning of a spiritual awakening – and I have found that is not an easy journey to begin! However, working with Lisa has been transformative. She listens without judgement and offers support, empathy, and profound wisdom, which have been instrumental in shaping my personal growth and spiritual evolution. Lisa’s guidance has empowered me to align my actions with my authentic self, fostering a sense of fulfillment and inner peace. Her holistic approach of blending spiritual wisdom with practical strategies has been a guiding light in this journey, helping me to develop a deeper connection with my inner self. The gratitude I hold for Lisa and our time together is hard to put into writing – it’s more of a “feeling from within” that doesn’t have words to describe it. Her dedication, compassion, and expertise as a spiritual coach have truly transformed my life, allowing me to embrace life’s challenges with a newfound sense of purpose and joy. Lisa, your love and light is truly magical, and I am forever grateful for our connection in this lifetime.

Testimonial graphic
Testimonial Graphic

Working with Lisa as a spiritual coach has been one of the most revolutionary experiences of my life. She brings expert guidance, wisdom, tangible tools and unique offerings that beckon you to delve deeper into what is possible when you commit to your soul’s awakening. Since working with Lisa, I have deeply transformed my way of being in the world to align more with who I want to be and who I have always been. Our work together has had numerous positive outcomes on my career path, family and personal relationships, and most importantly, myself. Lisa has sparked inspiration and joy throughout every session we share and I can’t recommend her expertise highly enough. If you are searching for a transformative experience, look no further.

Coaching with Lisa has been profound, enriching, and heartwarming. Each shared moment has offered me rich insights, new perspectives, and healing. Lisa’s blend of wisdom, love, and connection with Spirit allows time to slow down and give space for deep introspection. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone on an inner transformational journey to work with Lisa, and I feel immense gratitude for traveling through this lifetime together with her.