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Lisa is a master of creating a space where anything is possible. New ideas, old memories, and exciting connections all came out in a way that really helped me clarify my priorities. And this clarity enabled me to see solutions and made “big” decisions seem simple. I could not have made the progress I did without Lisa’s partnership.

Melissa, entrepreneur, Georgia

Working with Lisa helped me explore what is important, personally and professionally. We worked together, as she guided me to look at my road blocks, understanding what was underneath and figuring out a path forward.

Today, I feel much more clear on my path forward. I am confident in testing out things and experimenting with different solutions. I don’t have as many roadblocks, and when I do hit one I feel empowered on how to navigate them.

This transformation helped me make decisions to move forward in my career path, and I have recently taken a leadership role at a new bank. Lisa’s coaching and the time invested in myself have proven to be invaluable.

Jenn, banking executive and community leader, Texas

As I sit here on my last day of work, anxiously awaiting the start of my new job, I can’t help but reflect on my life six months ago. Lisa and I went out to lunch and I asked her about her coaching services. She is so passionate about her career that I decided to enter coaching. I was truly broken spiritually and in my career. Lisa patiently listened and helped me to clear my path. She gently guided me through exercises to help me discover that past experiences were blocking my current joy. I can honestly say that I am happier than I have been in a very long time. I have more confidence when setting boundaries, even with family, and I can more clearly see how external factors, comments and people’s actions don’t have to be internalized because it’s not about me. It is much easier to step back, put situations into perspective and to allow others to be responsible / accountable for their own actions. Thank you so much, Lisa! ❤

PJ, legal field, Colorado

Working with Lisa has been a deeply validating experience characterized by self-reflection and personal growth. While such transformations are often associated with discomfort, Lisa has a way of making this process a pleasure. Talking with Lisa feels like talking with a trusted friend; she makes me want to share and be open, honest, and vulnerable. Her advice and observations never feel aloof or distant. Rather, Lisa is deft at helping guide me to my own conclusions, which makes resolutions feel satisfying and authentic. I also appreciate Lisa’s extensive professional experience, from which she draws insights that have been uniquely helpful when addressing work-related issues and concerns.

– Joeyresearch associate, New Jersey

I knew I was ready for spiritual growth to help me navigate inside my job (and life) on a daily basis and with a steadiness of not being crushed or knocked off course. When I started my journey with Lisa, I committed to showing up and doing the work. I trusted the process, which was the journey she and I went on together. Ah, to describe this journey of mine with Lisa….there aren’t enough precise words to accurately paint the beautiful picture of it. Though words like quality, beauty, organic, co-creation, unfolding, revelation, awaken, confidence, boundaries, laughter, and tears all touch on what I now have as me. Lisa’s intention, intuition, connectivity, and love helped me move from insecure to secure and from “where am I?” to “home.” I found answers inside of myself that I never knew I had. Thank you, Lisa, for helping me find them.

Laura, cost consultant, Colorado

Lisa is magic. With an eye toward the pragmatic, she employs a rich host of resources to assist you in navigating toward your goals. In our time together, I had hoped to pursue some professional growth and exploration. What I found was a deep well of curiosity and capability within myself, thanks in large part to the ways in which Lisa helped guide our conversations. I’ve done conventional therapy, and, while that has a place of its own, I found this to be more specific and forward-looking. The practicality therein made the experience very tangible. Whether you are looking to clear your path, or get lost down another one for the sake of renewal, you have an expert guide in Lisa!

Ashley, higher education administrator and seeker of creativity, Colorado

I worked with Lisa to help understand a recurring mental block that flares when I am on the edge of pursuing my highest goals. In the past, I would try to analyze my way out of my fear. Lisa’s approach, with its inclusive spiritual foundation, showed me how to feel and live my way into the solution. She acted as a guide for discovering my truths and finding the words and imagery to understand and create my ever-evolving story.

Elizabeth, competitive athlete, Texas

Prior to my sessions with Lisa, I was apprehensive, indecisive, and doubtful about my upcoming career transition. Lisa empowered me to be more confident, recognize my own talents and strengths, and change my way of thinking in order to better translate my experience to potential employers. Today I have more peace of mind and a better sense of self. I now trust that my future is bright and that I can have confidence in any decision I make.

Stuart, US military, Georgia

There is no room for doubt that the Spirit is moving when you are in Lisa’s presence. From the moment the conversation begins, you can feel the undeniable love of the Divine, even from a distance over a video call it’s like Lisa is reaching out and giving you a warm hug. As a spiritual life coach, Lisa’s intuitive guidance gave me a sense of security and confidence – I knew that she was helping me find the path the Spirit was laying before me. In our sessions together, there was never a moment where her attention was not on me and my goals. Whether you find yourself in laughter, tears, full of talk, or silence, Lisa will be genuinely with you in that space. Anyone will be fortunate to have Lisa walk beside them on their life’s journey.

Andrew, spiritual coach, Indiana

Lisa is a natural coach. She has a gift of providing mental space balanced with thoughtful facilitation to guide me to clarity. Working with Lisa has helped me identify my desire for a different career role, pursuing it and making the transition. She listens deeply and highlights themes, from session to session, that I wouldn’t otherwise see for myself. I’m grateful for Lisa’s guidance and view our relationship, not as a moment in time, but rather ongoing support as I navigate life’s journey.

Marney, VP of talent, author, speaker, Colorado

Since the beginning of my journey with Lisa, she guided me toward my goals and out of my comfort zone in the areas I needed help with. Life in the comfort zone is easy. Outside of the comfort zone, your assumptions are challenged. During my time with Lisa, my opinions, mindset, and belief systems were tested. I found new ways to articulate who I was and what I believed. If you are open to the possibility of learning and having a ton of fun figuring out a better path to take in life, there’s no doubt that Lisa is your partner.

Dana, strategy + marketing consultant, Colorado

Coaching with Lisa has produced a journey of powerful and accelerated spiritual growth, accomplishing goals, and deep healing. Life is better for knowing her. Five stars!!

KO, spiritual, mental health, and recovery coach, Idaho

Working with Lisa has been a game changer for me. As a busy professional uncomfortable with focusing on myself, Lisa creates a welcoming and non-judgmental space paired with excellent tools (both professional and spiritual) to help me delve into my motivations and make good choices in tough times. I especially appreciate her direct and empathetic coaching style and ability to gently and firmly guide me when I’m avoiding a tough topic! The investment in coaching improved my leadership skills and has been the best professional and personal development experience of my career. 

Cady, higher education administrator, Texas

Anyone who is looking for a coach with a consultive mind, spiritual heart, and intuitive soul – look no further. Lisa is the coach you are looking for. Her energy is so warm and compassionate, and you will immediately feel at ease and trust in her skills to guide you. She has a unique way of probing powerful questions and using special techniques to help you look inwards for answers and solutions to whatever challenges you are going through. Lisa’s spiritual and intuitive perspective will help you understand and see your situation from a different angle. I have enjoyed our coaching sessions immensely and so grateful for the opportunity to have her in my life.

Tinosh, spiritual coach + consultant, California

Lisa offers an incredibly present and thoughtful ear, attentively listening to and reflecting back insights from what I share, helping me make sense of what feels like mental clouds and fog. She creates space for me to process while also guiding me to a point of intention. Her empathetic and lighthearted approach offers comfort and safety as I share topics that feel difficult to verbalize. Lisa helped me move out of a dense limiting belief that “to be noble is to be poor,” which had kept me stuck. She helped me give myself permission to reframe the belief to be more empowering and authentic. From that session, I shifted into believing “to be noble is to be intentional,” which offers movement unlike before. I’m beyond grateful for this shift. I feel a huge weight off my back and freedom to move in the direction I want to go without fear. Working with Lisa has been immensely grounding and transformative. 

Emma, entrepreneur + artist, Maine